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 The Proclamation - Sharing the story of me! 

proc·la·ma·tion: a public or official announcement, especially one dealing with a matter of great importance.

The Proclamation is a new model of community building based on personal storytelling, reflective listening and community service. The Proclamation believes that developing community through storytelling, listening and community service is truly a matter of great importance.







Our Next Event


Thursday, March 1st.

Here at Community Presbyterian Church.

Why tell stories?

Personal storytelling can bring about social transformation. When we share our personal stories we can strengthen our community, heal shame, cultivate compassion, and build inter-generational relationships.

What is the plan?

To create a community event that offers personal stories, song, and service to strengthen our community. At each gathering, four community members (receptionists, business owners, teachers, laborers, etc.) are invited to share a true story, told first-person, in ten minutes, in front of a live audience. Stories are focused on a particular theme (Wilderness, Hunger, Love, Art, etc.) and are interspersed with live music performed by local musicians. Each event asks for a $5 donation, and all proceeds are given directly toward the support of a local non-profit. These non-profit service agencies and the community problems they address are highlighted at each gathering and audience members are encouraged to get involved.

How will our community benefit from this event?


Storytellers receive understanding, encouragement, and support as their story is received and celebrated by their neighbors.


The community cultivates greater compassion and connection as they hear the wide variety of experiences and struggles their neighbors have encountered.


Youth are exposed to a variety of local stories from adults who serve as guideposts for overcoming their own struggles and pursuing their own passions.


Local musicians receive exposure and use their gifts to strengthen community.

Non-profits receive funds, volunteers, and a platform for communicating their mission to the larger community.

The local audience enjoys a shared experience of story, music, and service and cultivates a greater sense of place.

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